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What are the symptoms of arachnoiditis?

The symptoms of arachnoiditis tend to vary from one patient to another and some are common features of other back disorders. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and a characteristic stinging and burning pain in the legs. Chronic back pain is the most frequent complaint. Sciatic pains in the legs are also reported as are deep muscle pains in back and limbs, uncontrollable muscle spasms and twitches occur. Arachnoiditis can create extensive scarring of the meninges, which can lead to a debilitating, constant burning pain usually mixed with sharp, stabbing pains. It occurs mainly in the limbs and lower back, but can spread up the spine and through the arms. Neurological problems often accompany arachnoiditis, leading to muscle jerks, spasms and muscle weakness, which in turn leads to bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction, a swelling of the limbs, and cold extremities from poor circulation, as well as fatigue, malaise, depression, stress, loss of memory, muddled thinking, osteoporosis, weight gain and poor sleeping habits.


More information on arachnoiditis

What is arachnoiditis? - Arachnoiditis is an inflammatory response of the arachnoid, one of three coverings, or meninges, that envelop the brain and spinal cord.
What causes arachnoiditis? - Arachnoiditis can be caused by certain infections that affect the spine such as meningitis, tuberculosis and syphilis.
What're the symptoms of arachnoiditis? - The symptoms of arachnoiditis include numbness, tingling, and a characteristic stinging and burning pain in the legs.
How is arachnoiditis diagnosed? - Arachnoiditis can be diagnosed in any level of the spine and skull, with proper MRI studies and competent evaluation.
What's the treatment for arachnoiditis? - Treatment of arachnoiditis consists of a combination of surgery and drug therapy. Anti-inflammatory and other drug therapy may be effective.
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